Mission Statement

The mission of the Information Technology Department is to deliver high quality technical leadership, resources, and services to students, faculty and staff in support of the NPCJ Mission.

The National Police College of Jamaica (NPCJ) Information Technology Department maintains all of the campus technology infrastructure that makes it possible for users to connect to the campus network and access technology services.

Getting Connected

The Campus of the National Police College of Jamaica has full Wireless (WiFi) coverage at all faculties and student living areas. This open Wireless internet enables students and lectures access to online resources.

The NPCJ I.T Department provides campus-wide Wi-Fi deployments for staff, student and guest to access college network and / or Internet. The new WiFi is fully covered in classrooms, lecture theatres, meeting rooms, library, canteen, dormitories and staff offices.

  • access all information about National Police College of Jamaica
  • e-learning (STEP / CBSI-Connect)
  • Internet browsing for Academic study
  • Online discussions for Academic study
  • JCF E-mail

Provision of Support

The demands on the IT Support staff's time can at times exceed availability. Certain requests may not, therefore, be fulfilled straightaway - and may indeed be more appropriately provided by other means.

The priorities of the IT Department are generally as follows:

  1. Network infrastructure, i.e. main switches, routers, servers, and connection between campus locations
  2. College Departments and Faculties

The IT Department undertake to:

  • Respond promptly and individually to all requests for assistance, either reporting if they believe the problem has been resolved, or suggesting a time when they can investigate further
  • Deal with simple requests (e.g. for basic support) as quickly as possible
  • Attend all arranged appointments, unless a genuinely urgent problem intervenes - in which case they will give as much advance warning as possible of the need to change the appointment, and suggest a new time
  • In the case of a difficult or specialist problem, give advice as to where alternative assistance can be sought

Provision of Hardware

  • Hardware for connecting all computers in the College to the College network (wireless, wall sockets, cables, switches, routers, firewall, etc.);
  • Audio/Visual Teaching Aids (Projector, Laptop, Speakers, etc)

Student Responsibility

It is each student's personal responsibility to ensure that their devices are kept up to date and free from viruses, spyware, and malware. Additionally, students should make themselves aware of their responsibilities as they pertain to copyright law. Information on Jamaican law, Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) Policy and the regulations which the National Police College of Jamaica must follow can be found here.

Be Prepared - Defensive Computing

Some eventualities are completely beyond the control of the IT Department. Hard disks, public terminals and printers can fail suddenly, and may not be able to be repaired or replaced instantaneously; the links between the different sites of the College are the responsibility of the college but we rely on third parties to conduct major repairs.


  • Make regular backups of your work in an appropriate location
    (Cloud - OneDrive, USB drive)
  • Keep your own local backup copies of critical data
  • Build an adequate 'safety margin' into any deadline you are working to
  • Avoid being dependent on a network link (between the computer where you are working and the server where the data resides), keep a local copy

Contact the I.T Department

If you are having trouble and are unable find the answer you may contact the information Technology Department via:

Email – it.npcj@jcf.gov.jm

Telephone – +1 (876) 749-9399 / (876) 984-2771

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